Dunedin Day Tour

Dunedin Day Tour


Our Dunedin our heritage! This historic and sophisticated city is a legacy of Otago’s 1860s gold rush, originally modelled on Edinburgh in Scotland; it is one of the best-preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the southern hemisphere.


  • Otago peninsula
  • Royal Albatross
  • Penguin colony
  • New Zealand only Castle
  • Dunedin Railway Station
  • Baldwin Street
  • Modern public art gallery
  • Chinese Gardens



Toot towards the Otago peninsula; enjoy the regions stunning coastal views, continue drive till Taiaroa Head on the tip of the Otago Peninsula to Witness Royal Albatross. (Weather conditions apply).

Then visit to penguin colony and encounter with Penguins, Sea lions and Fur seals and enjoy our natural wildlife.

Visit to New Zealand only Castle (Optional) and get connected to the history or Dunedin Railway Station is another historic attraction to proceed for alternate attractions for the fairy-tale-like attraction.

Baldwin Street, reputedly the World’s steepest street, which runs an annual (and literal) gut-buster race is another sight to experience.

Visit to the city centre which hosts a modern public art gallery housing one of New Zealand’s best international art collections, with theatres, museums and libraries which rank among the country’s finest.

Finally visit, recent and popular addition to the city is the peaceful Chinese Gardens, created to remember the city’s Chinese industrial past.