Why NZ Transfers

Fixed Rates

Our “flat-rate” billing system is unique to the region. Whatever your travel needs may be, let us work with you to create the ideal customized solution for your specific requirements. We accept all major credit and debit cards within the vehicles. We strive to bring you a stress-free travel experience – every time you travel with us.


Our fleet of vehicles reflects our commitment to quality and service. Our well maintained, impeccably clean and reliable fleet from Mercedes S class sedan to large occupancy Mercedes passenger vans, each vehicle is an extension of our business and our brand. Enjoy our prompt and reliable ground transportation.


No hidden charges / No surprises. Be confident and make a booking, rest assured you are booking with are a team of trusted, passionate travel specialists.


Get connected to the world as soon as you are in any one of our late model Mercedes vehicles, as we offer free Wi-Fi connections for all our guests.


We take this very seriously; we understand the importance of your privacy and assure you that it will never be compromised. NZ Transfers & Tours is an approved service provider to VIP Transport services (Ministry of Internal Affairs) and have ample experience in providing to services for VIPs / N.G.O.G (Non Guest of Government). This includes providing assurance that all services comply with relevant regulations.

Multilingual DRIVER GUIDES

Multilingual driver guides are available for our non English speaking guests. We have built up an excellent reputation over the years, allowing us easy access to almost all foreign language guides, Mandarin, Russian, German, Spanish, Hindi. Italian ……and many more. We can provide guides in all major languages, so avoid disappointments contact us now and book your preferred language guide then simply set back and relax.


For your complete peace of mind, we offer special assistance, even outside office hours, so please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here and will always be at your service. Contact us now!.


We move people who move the world! We can arrange a VVIP Meet and greet on arrival and fast tracked through New Zealand immigration and customs. All our drivers are vetted; all are fully endorsed by NZ Transport Agency, and also hold police clearance certificates. Our team has also been thru VIPs’ “induction program” and has been screened by the department of Internal Affairs.


We have an access to security professionals who are certified, have global experience, including ex police officers. All our drivers are vetted; all are fully endorsed by NZ Transport Agency and also hold police clearance certificates. Please WAIT there’s more……
NZ Transfers & Tours has been awarded 5 Star rating under the operator rating system by NZ Transport agency. Our team has also been thru VIPs’ “induction program “and has been screened by the department of Internal Affairs. We also assure you that all services will comply with relevant regulations.


NZ Transfers is not only committed to providing you with an unforgettable and inspiring trip, we’re also committed to ensuring your happiness and comfort throughout your journey with us. When you travel with us, you can feel confident that we have all the expertise and knowledge to accommodate your wishes and needs. From the moment you get in touch with us, we ensure that your journey is seamless, authentic, and beyond what you had imagined.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We at NZ Transfers, understand that in providing our services, we are using perishable resources that directly affect the pollution rates and to minimize our impact on the environment we have a number of initiatives in place.

Our company’s social responsibility falls under two categories – Compliance and Proactiveness. Compliance refers to our company’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values. Proactiveness is every initiative to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.



  • We respect the law.
  • Honour our internal policies.
  • Ensure that all our business operations are legitimate.
  • Keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.

Business ethics

  • We always conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights.
  • Promote safety and fair dealing.
  • Promote respect toward the consumer.
  • Promote anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices.


Protecting People

  • We ensure that we do not risk the health and safety of our employees and community.
  • Avoid harming the lives of local and indigenous people.
  • Support diversity and inclusion.


Human Rights

We are dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices.


Preserving the environment – We proactively work to protect the environment (besides our legal obligations) some examples of this are:

  • While touring, we make sure all clients, coming from different cultures are well informed to look after our pristine environment and highlight the importance of following designated tracks in order to save flora or fauna and avoid disturbing wildlife.
  • We actively promote to our clients and team members recycling and cleanliness initiatives so as to conserve the beauty of New Zealand and thus help preserve the environment.
  • Within the workplace we endeavour to work towards a paperless office or use recycled paper and recycle printing cartridges.
  • We ensure that our vehicles always have high grade fuels to minimize the pollution and ensure that the vehicles are serviced and updated regularly and timely to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Work and collaborate with like-minded organisations that also value the environment and biodiversity. Actively spread the message that we take this matter seriously and expect the same from our industry partners.
  • We commit to follow our health and safety policy, ongoing training in the areas of risk and environmental management to ensure that our standards are not compromised.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning chemical and vehicle grooming products.



  • We are open to suggestions and listen carefully to ideas. We will continuously try and improve the way we operate.
  • We have our team members going through Defensive Driving courses to ensure that their driving skills are of the best possible standard.

Our Health & Safety Vision: "We will all have a safe workplace"

We believe that:

  • No business objective will take priority over health and safety
  • Most incidents are preventable
  • Whilst management have ultimate accountability, we all have responsibility for health and safety
  • All personnel have the responsibility to stop any work task they believe is unsafe or cannot be continued in a safe manner


To achieve this we have:

  • Maintain and continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System
  • Proactively identify hazards and unsafe behaviours and take all steps to minimise these as reasonably practicable
  • Set targets for improvement and measure, appraise and report on our performance
  • Assess and recognise the health and safety performance of employees and contractors
  • Consult and actively promote participation with employees and contractors to ensure they have the training, skills, knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy and safe workplace
  • Accurately report and learn from our incidents
  • Support the safe and early return to work of injured employees
  • Design, construct, operate and maintain our assets so that they safeguard people and property
  • Require our contractors to demonstrate the same commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety performance
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice and industry standards



NZ Transfers and Tours Ltd is vitally interested in your safety and health, both on and off the job. It is our particular intention to furnish all employees with a safe and healthy place to work and to make every reasonable effort in areas of accident prevention, injury protection and promotion of the health, safety and welfare of all employees. The following areas of responsibility are essential to ensure the successful implementation of this policy.


Management level:

  • Observe and enforce the relevant acts, regulations, codes of practice and safe operating procedures that apply to working conditions in our industry.
  • Undertake to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • Provide reasonable opportunities for employees to participate in processes to improve health and safety within our organization.
  • Provide appropriate protective clothing and/or equipment, ensure its use by employees, and monitor employee’s exposure to hazards.
  • Provide education and instruction, or supervision, in the safe use of all equipment and materials being used in this business.
  • Provide initiative and follow up action on all matters concerning health and safety in our workplace, including matters which affect the safety of customers and the public.
  • Ensure accurate recording and reporting of accidents and work hazards to enable workplace safety to be managed appropriately and the appropriate follow up action taken to eliminate, isolate or minimize significant hazards.


Committed to co-operate in the objectives of making this a healthy and safe work place:

  • Are required to observe and practice safe work methods, such as safe handling and lifting, the ergonomically correct use of work areas and the safe use of vehicles etc.
  • Follow all instructions regarding the use of equipment.
  • You need to ask about hazards and observe safety procedures.
  • Immediately report any unsafe work condition, behaviour or equipment to your Manager as soon as it is observed.
  • Ensure your own safety and the safety of others around you that may be affected by any of your action(s) or inaction(s).
  • Help promote a safe environment for customers and the public.
  • Immediately report all accidents to your Manager whether or not resulting in injury or illness, regardless of how minor they may be. Even minor accidents may indicate an unsafe condition, which should be corrected.